Welcome to the Riot Stories website.

Riot Stories is the general management company and record label for both Russell Sinclair and The Southside Project. We handle everything relating to these artists including marketing, promotion, music releases, concert bookings, press and promotion. If you have any enquiries relating to these artists or bands please get in touch via the contact page in the first instance.

On this site you are able to find the confirmed live performance dates for our artists and purchase merchandise/music from our artists.

In addition, we will publish any significant news headlines relating to our artists, however, you will be able to keep up to date with more specific and detailed information by following the links on each artists own website. The primary function of this company and website is to represent the business side of each artist.


  1. Oh noooooooo. Where have the Weller Guitar tabs gone!

    • Hi Justin – sorry, I didn’t realise anyone was actually using anything on the old site. I’ll email you a link that you can use to download and keep the guitar tabs yourself. Feel free to share them around.

  2. oh god … where have these tabs gone !

    • Sorry mate – didn’t know anyone was still using them. If it’ll help you I’ll email you a link where you can download them and keep them. Reply here if that’s of use to you.

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